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Forum Thread : Step-by-Step to Hacking

Hello, I remember that someone asked advices on how to progress in the realm of hacking, and another folk gave an example of Web hacking. The advice was something like : "You want to know how the web works, so you begin studying TCP/IP and protocols, next you begin HTML and ...more

Forum Thread : Android Rooting

Hello Fellow Hackers! Since i'm studying some fundamental stuff about operating systems and architecture, i want to know if you guys have some resources to recommend, in order to understand the process of jailbreaking/rooting a mobile device. Mainly books, because i love book ...more

Forum Thread : Debugging

Ok, so i have the fundamentals of C programming and i'm starting to dig deeper, also i'm learning C++. I want to use debuggers, since it's a very important tool and i am willing to learn assembly(x86). my question: 1-) Is it mandatory to learn assembly language, in order to u ...more

Forum Thread : Internet Bots?

about 2 years ago i played an online game and as the game went on, i had more and more tasks to do, but most of them could be done using a Robot, however this was prohibited and i dropped out the game My question is(curiosity) how one can develop a Web bot, i mean, which lang ...more

Forum Thread : Assembly and R.Engineering?

As a newcomer here i must admit: I'm not a professional regarding computers, but my interest in IT field has growing a lot since i started to visit this wonderful place(NullByte). Now, to the question: what is the real importance of assembly today, especially in malware analy ...more

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