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I live in South Africa and work for a big ICT company as a Telecommunications and Network engineer. As a hobby I like to play around with Linux and do some hobby programming. Other than computer related stuff, I like reading non-fiction works, working in the garden and taking walks.

Renato Nel's Latest Posts

Forum Thread : Don't you just love South Africa?

Isn't South Africa just the place to stay?! I just loaded Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop less than a month ago, still trying to get used to it, downloaded a whole lot of data and books for me to learn Asterisk etc. then they broke into my house and stole all my laptops, pc screens, ...more

Forum Thread : Asterisk open-source PABX

Are anybody using the Asterisk open-source PABX? I would love to hear your experiences with it and your setup. I have lots of experience with a big proprietary vendor as a support and installation engineer, and is starting to explore Asterisk on my own. It is a very flexible s ...more

Forum Thread : General Ubuntu 11.04 impressions

For everyone that has upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04, what are your general impressions of this version of the distro? I haven't upgraded yet, but are planning to shortly. I heard there is some problems with the installation, but once past that, the distro is actually quite good. Wh ...more

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