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Forum Thread : Need a Solution of Ettercap

can you give me solution? SSLStrip plugin: bind 80 on 59263 SSLStrip: cannot setup the redirect, did you uncomment the redircommandon command on your etter.conf file? SSLStrip: plugin load failed: Could not set up HTTP redirect showing problem in ettercap.....when tried to ad ...more

Forum Thread : How to Get Hashes(SAM) ?

sir i have physical access on victim pc,so i copied sam and system file in my usb using cmd - reg save hklm\sam c:\sam reg save hklm\system c:\system then copied the files in my usb from C drive.Now how can i get hashes from the copied file so that i can crack it? They are ne ...more

Forum Thread : How to Steal Facebook Account?

Sir can you please tell me how to steal Facebook account with kali os and msfconsol?Both for Android and Windows. My victim has installed my payload. I want to steal his Facebook account now,.Is it possible? (the victim is my friend, i know the rules, so feel free to give me a ...more

Forum Thread : How to Trace Facebook User?

First, take my greeting,i am just a learner.I know there is more amazing teachers in nullbyte.Accept me as a student and forgive me if i do something wrong. I will be very grateful if you show me how to track or trace any facebook user?even he /she is using android or pc...Tha ...more

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