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Forum Thread : XBOX One headset issue

since yesterday my headset doesn't work properly and, there is no sound coming from it and I cannot use the mic either, I tried another headset and another controller, and worked fine but the same issue on mine. I also looked online and checked the settings in Xbox which are a ...more

Forum Thread : Do Dogs Get Fever

As same as humans do dogs get fever? If so how can we identify if they are suffering from fever? Once, I've heard dry nose is a symptom of fever. Apart from that what are the other symptoms to identify if a dog has a fever?

Forum Thread : Samsung A50 Screen Recording

Is there a way to record the screen of the Samsung A50, when I searched, I found that A50s has the built-in feature for that? Can we enable the same feature on Samsung A50 or Do we need to download a third-party app for it. If so which app is the best for this?

Forum Thread : Upgrading Android 3.1 to Android 7.01

Hello, I'm thinking of upgrading an old tablet with Android 3.1 to android 7.01 because most apps I need don't work on it. Mostly I only want this to read pdfs and comics. Will it be working fine after I've done this? Would I be able to do what I want to do without a problem?

Forum Thread : Reptiles as Pets

I haven't ever fed a reptile as a pet. I would like to choose a reptile pet but I don't know what type\kind reptiles are good for domestic pets. If someone is aware of reptiles, please recommend a suitable reptile for a pet

Forum Thread : My Dog Refuse Food

My dog is eight months old and he was very active and playful. Recently, he started to refuse food and hide biscuits and meat when offered. Currently, he only eats half of Yoghurt and doesn't even sniff other food items. No visible wounds or visible illness symptoms. Just refu ...more

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