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I am back! I will continue on my articles within the next few days.

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Forum Thread : Question About Installing OSes

I don't have access to a flash drive or SD card, but I need to put a different operating system on my old desktop. I have an idea that might work but I want other people's opinion. Okay... If I create an empty partition, then put the iso on that partition, could I then overwr ...more

Forum Thread : Ftp Password Cracker

This python program was inspired by OTW's ftp cracker. The main difference is it gives a more sophisticated feel. This requires you have two files. The first one has to be named terminal.py and the other one can be anything you like. These two files need to be in the same dire ...more

Forum Thread : 5 "Deadly" Linux Commands

Everyday, Null Byte is getting bigger, and most of the newcomers are new to hacking and Linux. Without some knowledge on deadly commands, it is easy to trick a newbie into executing these and destroying their Linux OS. I made a list with some of the deadliest commands from tec ...more

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