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Forum Thread : Busy Photoshoot Schedule? Get Creative

Photography with Eric Levin: This week the photographer Eric Levin takes us behind the scenes of Designer Daniela Corte Photoshoot. Eric tackles the task of taking photos of over 100 different fashion looks in one day for fashion designer Daniela Corte. Video: .

Forum Thread : Preview of the Nikon Df DSLR

After being on the wishlist list for many serious photographers for years and teasing us with tantalising video snippets over the past week, Nikon has finally pulled the covers off one of the most eagerly-awaited DSLRs of the year in the form of the Nikon Df. Video: .

Forum Thread : How to Skydive Live a Pro

Daredevils dangle from the skids of a helicopter and soar above the Alps with only a wingsuit for protection. The GoPro Bomb Squad have spent the last five years travelling the world to showcase their talents in disciplines as diverse as paragliding, speed flying, wingsuit clo ...more

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