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Forum Thread : Using Proxy

Hi guys, I been wondering that if I can use proxy and still get reverse shell. I never used proxy before but I know that if you use tor as proxy it will make your connection more private since it ,encrypt connection multiple time and assign different Ip. However In my reverse ...more

Forum Thread : Powershell to Meterpreter

Hi guys, I manage to get powershell session with netcat, my problem is there a way to get meterpreter session over powershell. I manage to bind my netcat session with metasploit /cmd/unix/reverse_netcat.However when I use post ......./...../ shelltometerpreter I get error say ...more

Forum Thread : Help Me to Understand

Hello guys, I am newbie to hacking and pentesting stuff so I can't get what I want easily since i know very little about networking. So my real question is that I practice tutorials about how to use metasploit or payloads exploits like that at home in my own network. In order ...more

Forum Thread : Sslstrip

Hi my problem is , i cant manage to get sslstrip working on mitmf ,bettercap and ettercap. I tried each of them i wont get any error message but it wont seem to work since it cant convert https to http in any site. My question is that have the browsers any protection for this ...more

Forum Thread : Mitm attack problem

Hi , i am trying to do man in the middle attack for that i use mitmf ,bettercap and beef. Whenever i use bettercap victim disconnects from internet. The reason i use bettercap is to sslstrip. After that whenever i use mitmf i get bellow message resulting no hooks injected. Any ...more

Forum Thread : Evading Anti-Virus

Hi guys i tried every single one of Veil evasion payloads and shellter and each of them got caught by my anti-virus software so i have been wondering that is there any other technique in order to evade antivirus besides Powershell. Thanks

Forum Thread : Recon-Ng Fullcontact

Hi guys. I've been trying to learn how to use recon-ng only problem is that even though i almost have every api keys, when i feed the mail address to full contact module it only returns ''there isn't any activity on this account in 24 hours'' i cant figure it out the problem t ...more

Forum Thread : Apt-Get Problem

hi there i have a problem caused by my internet connection i was simply using commads "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" while doing that my internet connection went down so when it came back kali were already skipped the download part and started patching.After that i tried ...more

Forum Thread : Backdoor Issue

Hi null-byte my problem is that i use veil-evasion payloads that are not detectable by anti-virus but when i try to run persistence anti-virus detects it removes it immediately. So my question is that is there a way to set up a backdoor without getting detected Thank you for ...more

Forum Thread : Fast-Track Like?

Hi guys My question is that i found my target ports and ip and OS etc. via nmap but after that how do you find and use the right exploit for system. I found that in backtrack 5 there was a tool called Fast Track that tries exploits on victims system but in kali linux fast tra ...more

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