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Forum Thread : Just Got Swatted...

Hi guys, Well, I just got fully swatted. Not because I am a hacktivist online, not because I hack. No. It's because I trolled a kid on Minecraft.... (Yes. Fucking Minecraft.) Now anyways. It's been fun. I'm off for ever. I have to go to jury in a couple months. I might be on ...more

Forum Thread : A Question About Anonymity.

Hi, So, I met a security analyst, and we were talking about his hacks and anonymity. While we spoke, he talked about how to stay Anonymous on the internet, he had to leave though so we could not speak long enough for him to give me details on how to do it. So, he said: "Usin ...more

Forum Thread : Introduce Yourself!

Hey guys! I just have a few questions.... Mostly about how you got in the path you are in. I will answer my questions as I go... What are you looking in being in the IT business?: I myself want to be a CFE/CHFI in my life. What languages do you learn (What languages are yo ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Team Windows Kernel Exploit

In my last 2 discussions, I've mostly been talking about the Flash 0day, but now let's talk about the Windows exploit. The vulnerability is in atmfd.dll, the Adobe font driver in the Windows Kernel level. The vulnerability can give someone administrator once exploited on the ...more

Forum Thread : How Hacking Team Hacked Flash

(Check my last discussion to see what I am fully talking about.) The exploit can affect Adobe Flash Player 9 and or later, and that Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all currently affected. Now... HackingTeam has a POC, in this POC they contain a ReadMe file. In this ReadMe fil ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Team Information

Earlier this week, Hacking Team a big company itself was hacked. Over 400-500GBs of data were leaked to the entire internet! The company sells it's 0days to whatever government wants to buy. They have stated multiple times in the past that they do not sell their 0days to 'oppr ...more

Forum Thread : Help! Can't Reply to Topics.

Hi guys, So, I can't reply to my topics, or any topics for that matter! I just wanted to say: "Thank you guys so much!" for the ones that helped me with my Buffer Overflow question, and my C++ question! But... Does anyone know why I can't seem to reply to any topics, includin ...more

Forum Thread : Introduction

Hey! My pseudonym is Over Flow (It is not original at all). I'm an aspiring grey hat hacker and programmer. I currently know a few languages such as: Python, Perl (Learning a bit), PHP, HTML, C (Learning) and C++(Learning). As you see, I'm learning most of my languages. I'm fl ...more

Forum Thread : Overwriting the EIP. (Help)

So… I'm currently feeding it a string… Because if you feed it a string you will probably get a segmentation fault, afterwards you overwrite the EIP.... But nothing happens. Why is this???? I addressed it with the malicious code I wish to execute, but nothing. We could also ove ...more

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