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New comer if it come's to the science of computer technology. But definnaly a patient but yet a quick learner! Never to lazy.

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Forum Thread : C or Python.

Greetings, there are quite a few topics already on choosing between C# and Python. But it just doesnt feel like my answer is out there. I myself am intrested in virusses,rootkits,reverse shells, etc.. You name it and i probally want to learn it. You could say i perfure the Gr ...more

Forum Thread : Might Be a Silly Question But..

Greetings fellow scrubs :D I was wondering if i should even learn PHP to start doing SQL injections for websites? (website hacking) Because currently i'm learning Python which i am almost done with. Well not done but atleast finishig the book "Learn python the hard way". And ...more

Forum Thread : Beginner Hacking Book.

Greetings fellow students. I have recently got the book "black hat python" and "violent python: book for hackers," but the first book is for intermidate scripters, and the second one doesnt really describe and explain the code. Its litterly a cookbook. Now i wonder if u folks ...more

Forum Thread : Python Own Tools.

Greetings, I have started learning Python for a lil bit of time now . As of now i do know how to read progams :) But i cant write them myself. ( might be becausei dont have much expierence ) But my question is, how do people actually come up with a progam like " SSH Bruteforce ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit Dominating?

Is it just me or does metasploit dominate the hacking world? It seems that on this forum its all bout using metasploit to use a exploit or using a reverse shell (payload) to hack a operating system. I thought that his was a newbie tool that doesnt work on anyone with a decent ...more

Forum Thread : STeps of Any Hack^_ ^

Greetings, I'm having some issues if it comes to getting into a system / server. I know it's a easy task if the system hasn't been updated for ages and runs old software. But what do you do when you want to hack a person's pc thousand miles away with a updated Linux / windows ...more

Forum Thread : Bully's on the Internet.

Greetings fellow geeks :D Yesterday has been the first episode of the Dutch show called "Internet pesters" , Translated in English it means " Internet bully's". i have seen it yesterday because i was to lazy to grab my laptop and do stuff that really matters, like being on th ...more

Forum Thread : Edding Existing Wordlist ?

Greetings, I'm looking for a script to add every possibility numbers of 1-9 to a existing wordlist. I've tried searching some and i do have found some but they are mostly out dated and not working anymore on Kali Linux. I'm also thinking about making a own script that does l ...more

Forum Thread : Network of the Gym.

Hello fellow curious hackers. I had a question bout the gym network since i come there often. I was wondering what kind of operating system and ports they mostly use for the keys to open the gymfence so you can get in. Ofcurse im not planning to hack it for a free subscripti ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploitable & Learning

Greetings fellow students:) I've recently downloaded Metasploitable & Kali on Oracle virtualbox, and i'm now learning how to use metasploit on servers ( the server is metasploitable ). Now i'm abit confused on which exploit i should use. All the ports are open and running al ...more

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