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Forum Thread : Kali Linux on Virtual Box

Hello Guys , Hope Everything is Alright So I've been experimenting in kali's tools , I thought i would give hydra a shot Any Idea what are these Errors ? First Error: segmentation fault Second Error : Error ERROR 1 target did not resolve or could not be connected (Email Cracking)

Forum Thread : Kali Linux on Virtual Box

Hello Guys , Hope you're all alright Since Tor is comprised what are the alternatives for anonymity using kali , since most vpns are paid and some keeps logs I'm aware of spoofing Mac Address , proxychains and need more information about spoofing ip addresses , and one questi ...more

Forum Thread : Intruder on My Wifi Network

Hello people whats up so I've been trying an app on android that are connected to my network I found an unknown ip address so what I did next is firing up kali and attempting to use nmap on that ip address I got shocking results this guy seems a hacker to me im not sure but ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux on Android

Hello guys , anyone knows how to share android files with kali linux on android for example if created an app or file on kali linux using linux deploy and i want to share it to my phone Any help would be appreciated

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