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Forum Thread : Apache Server[PHP Website] Help!

Have finish reading everything on this site and i am amaze of what i have learnt but i haven't solved my main goal, my site is hacked and i can't get in now i discovered that i can't find any vulnerability from the site using Nikto and now i am confused of what to do now.. can ...more

Forum Thread : HELP! I Seriously Need Help.

Have tried many methods on his website but no positive result and my website is controlled by him and he has deleted all my files on it cry can i hack my site back.. pls guys am just a girl who want to learn hacking and get my site back and get it secured. I scanned my site u ...more

Forum Thread : BusyBox Exploit?

I was searching the net and was reading on how to hack my big brother's site for what he did to me, and i started loving it when i found weevely but i still couldn't get into his web server "port 80/tcp" and i came across busybox in metasploit but i don't know how to use it. ...more

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