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Forum Thread : Install Kali on Dual Boot

I was its installing my Kali 2.0 on on dual boot with Windows 8.1 when i try to re size the partition during installation in Kali its show you are using dynamic partition e.t.c error . are there any way to convert dynamic partition of windows to basic with out loosing data

Forum Thread : Cracking .Cap File

HI, Can anyone tell me what is the fastest method to crack a .cap file in kali i already tried crunch but it was very slow it could takes days in it . and also recommend a good word list for cracking .cap files

Forum Thread : Running Webserver on WAN

Hi , I have Been running Kali linux a while.and the problem i face is that i cant host my web server on WAN (for tools like beef,metasploit and setoolkit) .They are working fine in LAN but i dont how to set them on WAN.Please Help me to Solve this issue of mine

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