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Forum Thread : Increasing Anonymity

Hey, Well its been a long time since i asked a Question on forms.Well it seems that i have a Question for you guys.i was using proxy's but i have a doubt that they can be honey pot. So my Question is can i channel all my Internet traffic to tor and using use proxy's for extr ...more

Forum Thread : Port Forward

Hey, I need to ask some thing i was trying to port forward my router at 1st I though it is some thing wrong with my Linux Firewall but then i asked my ISP and he Replied they Don't Allow Port Forwarding. I don't think is it's possible But when i try to Port Forward with Wind ...more

Forum Thread : C#-C Sharp

Hey, I need suggestion. I am going to take C# classes soon so i wanted to know that will it help me to increase my skill in Hacking i know that i can make program like password cracker with it but will i be able to find a bug on a application. I have also learned C language.A ...more

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