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Forum Thread : What Is Best Crypting Tpye

hey i was thinking of what is best crypting method that decrypt only when decrypter has key of it ( not like md5 and ez crypto types: D) so any idea i personaly like enigma tell me what kind of you like and why you think its good!

Forum Thread : Problem to Use Beef-Autorun

hey world so as you know when you working on kinda target that close page fast and you have shitty speed cuz you do it over wan its get hard to use moudles you want so i started googling about it and ended up with this ...more

Forum Thread : How and Where to Learn "Ruby"

hey dear hackers and programmers. i wanted to start learning Ruby but i wanted some advise from you guyz i know python - c++ but as i wanted to start writing my own exploities wanted to learn this amazing ruby now where to start good book or youtube channel for it tnx for answ ...more

Forum Thread : How to Hack Some One via His Ip and Open Port

hi i was thinking how i can hack some one outside of my network via his ip and knowing some of his open ports probebly with metasploit was thinking on search what runs that port and exploit it but lets say i know my target 4444 port is open how to exploit it tnx for answer <3

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