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Micky Manrique 23 years old Currently employed as a bartender business minded person computer literate

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Forum Thread : The first Cocktail party

The first "cocktail party" ever thrown was allegedly by Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri, in May 1917. Mrs. Walsh invited 50 guests to her home at noon on a Sunday. The party lasted an hour, until lunch was served at 1 pm. The site of this first cocktail party s ...more

Forum Thread : Cocktails or beer?

I'm always wondering why some Filipino people don't drink  cocktails, they prefer to drink beer only, because its cheap?  they think its only for rich people? or they just want to be drunk.? I have been to the other bar here in the Philippines, they are selling different kind ...more

Forum Thread : Americans Love Cocktail..

Why do Americans love to drink cocktails? what's the history of cocktails for them, Unlike other nationality they just want to drink a bottle of beer and spirit liquiors  like vodka, whiskeys, tequila, rum, gin, its either on the rock or straight up.

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