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Forum Thread : Screen Lifting Issue

I noticed my tablet screen has been separating from the frame. It clearly isn't flush with the silver edges of the Nexus 7 on one corner. Is this how they are after a period or use or should I contact ASUS for repairs?

Forum Thread : Great Wallpaper App

Check out "Image 2 Wallpaper" in the Play Store. It has a great little interface - very intuitive - and great reviews. Basically, you can take any picture you can find and make it fit the real estate provided by your N7. No more images that are "tiny" on your tablet!

Forum Thread : Can't Pair Bluetooth Keyboard

I can't seem to get my bluetooth keyboard to pair with my N7. It worked fine until I did the 4.2.1 Jelly Bean upgrade. Now, it won't find my device. I have seen a few discussions on not being able to pair bluetooth mice so I assume this is a universal problem. Anyone else sit ...more

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