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Forum Thread : No Views, No Updates

Well this is basically for all the people that will be seeing this in the future...I don't get any views here so I'm not updating this world. It's not worth the time. So some things might be outdated depending on when you see this post. Best of luck!

Forum Thread : Filip on mTurk

Well the HITs that require you to call and interact with an automated phone system are over, but Filip is now paying high for transcribing those calls. Look for him on mTurk...definitely one that you will make a lot of cash on.

Forum Thread : Call Cambridge University and Get Paid!

On MTurk (www.mturk.com) Filip Jurcicek has posted new HITs. He pays $0.20 for you to call a toll free number and talk to an automated system for about a minute. He is associated with Cambridge University and they are trying to perfect an automated call system. You can help an ...more

Forum Thread : It's been a sad week.

Loss against the Penguins, Loss against the Bruins. Sad sad sad. And a win against the Islanders is nothing to bark about. Let's hope they spring back in tonight's rematch with the Penguins, although outlook is bleak.

Forum Thread : Awesome HITs

Some of the best and highest paying HITs that are currently available are HITs from M. Larson, all ClariTrans HITs & the Dolores Labs "Indicate which of two English speech sound files is better (now better browser support!)" HITs.

Forum Thread : PayPerPost.com

This is a good website where you can link your existing blog and get paid for each word in your blog posts. an euphonious is for life, not just xmas!

Forum Thread : Laviolette's Coaching

It is no doubt that Lavi has brought the flyers from a mediocre team to a force to be reckoned with last year. It seems to be holding up this season but in the last few weeks the flyers have been breaking down. Is this the fault of Lavi?

Forum Thread : Your Favorite Forward?

I'm going with Claude Giroux. He is a great goal scorer but also knows how to play the puck to other people in order for the to get the goal. He is certainly not playing for the name on the back of his jersey, but the crest on the front.

Forum Thread : Grim Goaltending Situation

Boucher is a great, but mediocre goalie. Bob is also mediocre. One night he is just amazing, perhaps the best on the league, and the next night he is the worst goalie on the league. This averages out to being mediocre. Should they flyers call up Leighton from the AHL???? With ...more

Forum Thread : Flyers vs. Islanders. Tonight!

Who do you believe will win? Who will be the starting goaltenders? My guess is the Flyers will win and recuperate from their loss from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The flyers starting goaltender will probably be Boucher.

Forum Thread : Paid Surveys from Universities

The following links are to universities that will pay you to take their surveys. You need to fill out a qualification form, just to see which surveys are right for you. They pay pretty well. Carnegie Mellon University Robert Smith (University of Maryland) School of Business M ...more

Forum Thread : MTurk

Mturk is my favorite way to make money online to date. I find it easier to make a larger sum of money than in ChaCha or survey taking websites, for example.  To point you young turkers in the right direction I would stick with these requesters throughout your turking career: ...more

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