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Forum Thread : It's That Time of Year

Yes, here it is, the time of the year we have all been waiting for. The time where things are dropping in price faster then one might imagine. Let me explain what I mean, it is near mid November and it is almost December. That's right I am talking about Shopping Season. Well t ...more

Forum Thread : First Time you ever used Linux.

Post the first time you ever used Linux, I don't care what distro it was just when, if you don't know what to put try this: How old were you: What Distro was it: Did you like it?: Did you stay with it?: What distro do you currently use?: Okay now I will go, I was around ...more

Forum Thread : Java Command

Hello, does anyone know how I would send a command like "sudo pacman -Syu" in Java. If that doesnt make sence here is what I mean. I want to make a Java program that will with buttons or something do a system update or something else but how will I get the code to come out li ...more

Forum Thread : System Upgrade

Okay, here I am trying to solve the crashing in my Arch(bang) Linux crash and I think it might be the openGL crashing it. I ran "sudo pacman -Syu" and it gives me the following (Pastebin link) http://pastebin.com/66ndxW6K. On a side note for some reason I can't install Skype i ...more

Forum Thread : Custom Rig

Do any of you know the market for custom gaming rigs, like rigs I would buy parts for, build, then sell with customer ideas in the computer.

Forum Thread : Languages to learn

I've decided that when I enter college I want to major in Computer Science and Computer Security. What programming languages should I learn before it becomes too late. I am already taking Java fyi.

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