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ex computer business owner, biggest brag is, I fixed ibm when the mit experts could not

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Forum Thread : How to Hack Like a Hacker

Please note this article is for those who have intermediate skills and are looking to expand those with real hacking practice in a structured environment with lesson plans and homework. After completing this course I am confident that you will have the skill to begin the move ...more

Forum Thread : How to Code Like a Hacker

Yep you can code like a hacker too. How you might ask, I don't have the time or the money to go back to school. Reading the tutorials on websites take too long and I just don't understand it when reading it. There is a solution and one that works very well. Some of you may ...more

Forum Thread : How to Stay Out of Jail Hacking

Something to think about. Step 1: ( Noobs Unite). If You Like This Post Please Give a Few Kudo's. Have you all noticed that more and more elite hackers are giving up their secrets? But here is the question are they giving all of them up. And why do you think that could be? ...more

Forum Thread : My Hacking Stealth Script

In legal Consequences of hacking OWT was kind enough to help me with some information. He asked me to post a script that will put your system into Stealth mode. The goal of the script will be to stop all logging and history files then restore them after you no longer need to b ...more

Forum Thread : Know Your Enemy

We are training here to become Grey Hat's and just in case someone does not know what that is see here. A grey hat may refer to an individual who acts in a variety of IT-related areas. In the hacking community, this metaphorical title refers to a skilled hacker whose activiti ...more

Forum Thread : My First Site Hack.

Hello peeps, instead of posting in comments I decided to post a new thread in the forum. This way it will be easier to keep it organised. Also this is a site for noobs and sometimes it helps other noobs to see what other noobs are doing and the process they are going through t ...more

Forum Thread : .20 Times 10k =2k a Week

Ran across this article and thought you all might want to read it as I think it illustrates taking slices rather than going for a "big score" http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/03/27/smartphone_malware_mines_digicoins/ I think it reasonable to be able to get 10k mobes especia ...more

Forum Thread : Creative Hacking

something to think about rather than using cryto locking. how bout dling client files ect rather than locking them and look into the below. Competitive intelligence and economic or industrial espionageedit "Competitive intelligence" levels out two scenarios of description as ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Computer

I have been doing some searching on creating a good safe hacking computer and would like all suggestions on the configuration that I came up with. Keep in mind I am a artist and plan to use this for photoshop cs6 so it maybe a bit over kill, or under kill, this is where I need ...more

Forum Thread : Being Creative with Hacking

I ran across this article in business insider and felt it helped illustrate OWT's statement last article on being creative. Security researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered the very first wide-scale hack that involved television sets and at least one refrigerator. Yes, a fr ...more

Forum Thread : Next Step

OWT, I Have Gone Through All Your Posts and Theskyfox in My Continuing Journey into Hacking. I Am Now at the Point I Can Read the Articles and Actually Understand What They Are Talking About (Kudos to Proff OWT for His Teaching Skills) Since there is such a huge volume of inf ...more

Forum Thread : Irc Channel

I have been checking on the byte irc channel and have noticed that its pretty dead. Can anyone recommend one that would be good for noobs to lurk and learn on.

Forum Thread : Social Engineering

Currently I have read and practiced all the "How to" section excluding the "everything else" which I promise i will go through including the practices. I am almost half way through the old forums threads (meaning pages 1 through 5) including all the links in those sections. Gu ...more

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