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Forum Thread : How to Unlock S Memo Backup?

hello, I backed up my s memos with a password ... and now i forgot my password. it is saved as .snbkp format on my mobile and pc. i can extract it using winrar but its asking for my password. i can see all my memos as .snb format but i cant extract it. what should i do now to ...more

Forum Thread : Rooting Android 5.1 :/

Hello everyone, I want to root my android 5.1 . but one click root apps like king root and iroot doesn't work on my android. they can root my android 4.4 . but not 5.1. i tried apk versions of those apps. i want to root my phone any help??

Forum Thread : Meterpreter Help.

Hello everyone, can someone help me?? im trying to get into /data/data folder in my rooted android device...i root-ed my phone with kingroot. in my meterpreter session it says device is rooted. but i still cant download from root folders or copy it to sd card or emulated stor ...more

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