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Forum Thread : Worst Teachers Ever

Video: . Corporal punishment is prohibited through out the world but still there are some worst teachers in the world who not only tortured the innocent kids but spoil the personality of the kids for ever. such teachers should be punished and fired out of their jobs.

Forum Thread : Yummy Chocolate Art

Video: . We all love chocolate. We love to eat it in all kinds and shapes. So chocolate decoration has become an art. Watch some amazing chocolate art and you will be confused whether to eat it or presreve it as an art piece.

Forum Thread : Giant Jelly Fish

Video: . Recently it is reported that Giant Jelly fish which weighs more than 150 kg and 5 feet long are seen on the shores of Florida. The main reason of their visit is to search for food. Most of them are reported to have attacked humans.

Forum Thread : Dust on Car Art

Video: . Scott Wade is a famous artist who create beautiful images and pictures just by playing dust present on the cars windscreen and rear window. Watch his amazing work.

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