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Forum Thread : Learn Erlang

##This guide was written to suite Kali Linux users and code examples shown below were written and compiled in Kali Linux terminal ##But the code examples can run on Windows just install werl its the windows version for erl Hello everyone if any of you will be reading this, i ...more

Forum Thread : Setting Up Erlang

Hi everyone i recently came across Erlang on my kali linux terminal so i typed erl and it too the Erlang command line where this line of text was waiting for me: Eshell V8.2.1 (abort with ^G) 1> So i tried 1+1 as requested by some pdf tutorials as the first lesson but this c ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help with Code

This is the current code am working on its a simple code based on user input and if and else statements age = raw_input("Enter your age: ") name = raw_input("Enter your name: ") ques = raw_input ("Is your input correct: ") if ques = "Yes": print ("You entered: ", age ,"for ...more

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