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Forum Thread : Beef Framework Glib Error

I was trying to run the Beef framework on Kali 2.0 and got this error: (process:1815): GLib-CRITICAL *: gslicesetconfig: assertion 'syspagesize == 0' failed Looking a bit through Google it seems that is an issue associated with ONLY Kali 2.0. But I can't find a quick fix. So ...more

Forum Thread : Router-Login Brute Force

Since I forgot my router password I decided that I wanted to try brute forcing first just for fun. I tried: Hydra: Giving multiple wrong passwords nearly instantly?! Medusa: Giving one wrong password Both tools are kinda similar so are the commands and mine looked something ...more

Forum Thread : Can't Ping Individuals with CMD

DearNull Byte users, In order to perform certain actions I want to first ping an IP of a random individual or test environment. When i use 'ping IP' I get 100% packet loss which means of course means no package has been received. Why is this? And how can I fix t ...more

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