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I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years and owner of my salon. Creating has always been my passion no matter what medium I work with. I have created my own line of beauty and cosmetics with a natural touch. In my relaxing time I enjoy making jewelry and working with polymer clay making pottery and decorating things that need to be just a bit prettier. I love to share and find wonderful new creations from people who create one of a kind items that you just can't find in Wal-Mart.

  • Location: Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania

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Forum Thread : What Makes You Buy Bath Products

As our senses are so strong, touch,smell and sight I often wonder what makes some buy a certain soap or body lotion. For the most part I find that it seems to be scent then feel of the product. A rich creamy feeling that soaks in and stays on long seems to be very favorable. S ...more

Forum Thread : I Need a Mans Opinion

What scents do you like? Tell me if you like any essential oil scents like patchouli, sandal wood, or peppermint? Any scents you truly love or additions to soap that make you want to shower for an hour. Give me your idea of the best soap and what you want it to do for you bes ...more

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