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Forum Thread : Hacked Ipad/Phone

Hi, is there a possiblity that if my ipad/phone is hacked so the computer can get hacked.. i mean only on lan it may works.. it can't be possible someone to exploit my computer from my ipad/phone and especially in WAN,it doesn't make sense right?I just wanna make sure.

Forum Thread : Hacking Websites

Now i know that hacking websites is illegal.But i find many websites that scam people .. for example a website that tells you that you make $500 per hour and all those lies..they just wanna steal people's money from credit card.So is it illegal to take down those type of websi ...more

Forum Thread : About Proxies

Hello, i really wanna know for sure before using any of these.. i heard that if u use proxy the owner of that server can see what you are doing.. but lets say i have a proxy, after i disconnect it's impossible to see what im doing anymore right? i really need trusted proxies ...more

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