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Forum Thread : Where to Locate My Py Script ?

say that i have a good secure working apache server and a beautiful website interface, and i want to upload a python script into it , where do i put the script ? in what location exactly ? and would i need to make any modification to my apache server in order for it to function ?

Forum Thread : How to Add My Script in XSS Attack?

I was going through XSS tutorials to be more specific the non-persistent one, and almost got a general idea on how the attack function , when i came down to practice it, one part wasn't able to get through my head, it may be a stupid question, but i actually don't know! if th ...more

Forum Thread : How to Use Nmap ?

I was practicing metasploit when i was asked for the IP address of the RHOST, I've never used nmap before, and i think its time to get some basics on it, especially how to get IP addresses on my network,

Forum Thread : installing Kali from USB ?!!

I want to install Kali on my hard drive so i wont waste time plugging and unplugging the USB. when i go on and click on graphical install or just install, i notice something at the beginning it doesn't last long before disappearing ,, it goes something like failed to mount me ...more

Forum Thread : some cool presentations !?

what are some top conferences or presentation that you think every hacker should have watched or at least be familiar with, ps; just wanting to get a deeper understanding of the culture and maybe see the bigger picture o the mentality , I've been watching defcons and stuff , ...more

Forum Thread : Looking for Bash Tuts?

Hello! Just finished OTW basic tutorials for Linux, and I've red somewhere that it is best to learn BASH afterward for many good reasons, then of course later on i'll have to go through python, but i was just wondering if there are some good tutorials or sources on bash on th ...more

Forum Thread : How to Fix Sources Directory in Kali ?

I need to update my USB installed Kali version which is 1.1.0 , and i'm having some problems,, nothing get installed nor changed 0. i think there might be something wrong with the links from which they get the resources ,outdated probably , I've tried updating the sources.list ...more

Forum Thread : [QuickQ]on Upgrading Kali?

So this is my Quick issue, its been over two years now since the last time that I've installed Kali on my USB, and I've been carrying that USB card on my wallet during the whole time while studying English literature in college, and i was never FREE enough to dive in the world ...more

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