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Forum Thread : How to Spy on Android Phones?

Dear master hackers,if i creates a RAT, am i able to spy on a android phone?basically everything in the phones inside messages,photos,calls,sms..which would be the best hacks?i'm unable to install any apps into that phone,is it possible for me to bind it in a link so once he/s ...more

Forum Thread : Issues on Cygwin

sorry for having so many questions for today~ but i do need a help on cygwin. i've tried to install crunch on cygwin but it shows this to me. User@User-PC ~/crunch-3.6 $ make Building binary... /usr/bin/gcc -pthread -Wall -pedantic -std=c99 undefined crunch.c -lm -o crunch gc ...more

Forum Thread : Issues on Hydra

Im current new in hacking,the first software i tried is Hydra. What's happening currently is Hydra keeps on showing this ATTEMPT target smtp.live.com - login "xxx@hotmail.com" - pass "cessava" - 44784 of 306878 child 8 VERBOSE Could not create an SSL session: error:140770FC:SS ...more

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