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When you least expect me trying to hack your PC, that is when you will realise you have already hacked by me...

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RoboBook : Introduction Part 1

Hey guys, As you may already know, Phoenix750 made a series on Electricity and Electronics. So, speaking about electronics, I decided I will make a tutorial series on robots, what they are and how to make them. What I do hope to cover in these tutorials are:- What robots are ...more

Advanced Python Scripting : Introduction

Hey guys! I am known as Nullf0x here at Nullbyte, and here I am, starting the new series Advanced Python Scripting, for the scriptures who just want to come out of their shells, and learn some advanced topics such as Sockets, GUI, etc. The topics I hope to at least cover in ...more

Forum Thread : Hey, Developers Needed for ShadeOS!

Hey guys! You guys might be knowing me, but still, my name is NullfOx and I am not such a great hacker. Well, anyway, back to the topic. Any person here on NullByte have had experience with Linux and Linux distros like kali, backtrack, etc. But you will know that there are n ...more

Forum Thread : How to Be an Better Hacker PT:2

Welcome back, my Neophytes! As you know, this is the SECOND PART of my tutorials, and if you haven't read the first part, please read my first part. As you know, being a hacker is not easy. It takes months and months of training. To be a average (at least) hacker, Follow the ...more

Forum Thread : How to Create an Alias

Aliases are not very hard to make, but you have to be sure that the alias you picked is not begin used by others. The Codebook I have made a small codebook for aliases! A - 4 B - 8 C - ( D - D E - E F - |= G - G H - |-| I - ! J - J K - |< L - L M -|V| N - N O - 0 P - P Q - Q ...more

Forum Thread : How to Be an better hacker PT:1

I have made this tutorial with great hardships 'cause I wanted this to be simple to beginners and quite good to the founders. This is basically a guide on "being a elite hacker". So, my Neophytes, I would normally get straight to the topic, but now, I would make an intro on m ...more

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