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Forum Thread : Need Help with Port Forwarding,

I tried to get a Meterpreter reverse tcp session in WAN to my own second PC, I used my normal Gateway for the Attack Machine and an mobile W-lan hotspot with an Tablet-PC for the Target Machine. If i understand it right to write the Payload i took as LHOST my public IP and Po ...more

Forum Thread : How Can I Improve My Server Security

A few days ago some stupid Neighbour or so Hacked my AP, changed the Admin Password and deleted every Port-forwarding rule in it. I repaired the Damage and looked at the log file on my Media-Server. This Guy really only Hacked my WiFi but on the Server logs are some Alarming ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help with Metasploit

Hello everybody, About one Year ago i registered me to Rapid7 to update Metasploit and everything works fine on my machine. I bought a new notebook installed my sytems and now this: the e-mail address i used is gone because the service was going out of business and i forgot ...more

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