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I go by The KiD. I make music, DJ music, dance to music, live and breath music. I watch films, make films, act in films, write films. I draw, I envision, I create, I play. Art is my life, and my intention. Get Shifty www.shiftyrhythms.com

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Forum Thread : Explore - Kyle dePinna

Exercise 1 The sound of my bathroom fan still on. The stain on my sweats The sticky spot on my desk... I should probably clean that up. My phone died. Airplane I need to cut my toenails. My Justice League of America folder has Hawkman on it.  Hawkman's funny looking. My tropi ...more

Forum Thread : Inspiration - Kyle dePinna

As cheezy as it is, Zack Snyder's style especially in 300 is one of my biggest influences as a visual filmmaker.  I love how he uses filters and coloring.  I think, at the time 300 was super original in it's very golden-ish mythic look. I am also nuts about slo-mo lately.  Dav ...more

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