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Just a random weirdo. New to the Princeton area. I'm an artist (I drew that crappy cover pic up there). Once in a blue moon I profit from my so called talent (yay!). Sometimes I write stuff but mostly I read. Currently trying to learn Mandarin, figure out how to keep my flowers from dying, and play keyboard. Learning Mandarin is going slow but okay. Failing at the other two though lol.

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Forum Thread : Should You Give Up Sugar or Fat?

So you guys have probably heard all about low carb diets (and based on my own personal experience, I think they work) but I came across this article today about identical twins that did an experiment where both of them were allowed to eat as much as they wanted (no calorie res ...more

Forum Thread : What helps you stay on track?

What helps you stay on track losing weight or maintaining your weight? Do you keep a food diary, do you make it a point to work out every day no matter what? Do you reward yourself with a new lipstick or some other non-food reward? Personally, I use a food diary to help me rem ...more

Forum Thread : Do you have a weight problem?

Are you overweight or have you even been overweight in the past? If so, what inspired (or inspires) you to get healthy? For me it was because I used to work as an EMT and I witnessed first hand what being overweight can do to a person. I saw so many people dying from heart dis ...more

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