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Forum Thread : Could You Help with Angecryption?

I'm trying to find the best ways to cloak a file then I came across Angecryption. Could i get help and a tutorial of how to use Angecryption to hide apk in an JPEG. I also want help on how to incorporate this with DexClassLoader (to hide & bypass the install process)

Forum Thread : Control Mobiles "Wireless-ly"

Hi, is it possible to control many mobile devices in a specific area without pre-installed software? wirelessly for example using frequency ( i dont know, maybe you could advise) there could be other vectors. For security purposes like switching them off and also is it possib ...more

Forum Thread : Sending "Server" RAT

I have an android RAT i want to deliver it remotely but i have no idea how to send it. Could anyone help with simple steps? Is it possible to send a RAT via social media websites? Is it possible to hide it in a JPEG and send on messaging apps? (LINE,Whatsapp ..etc)

Forum Thread : Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Mobile Exploit

Most if not all phones are bluetooth enabled, we are advised to disable it when not in use. This is where my question comes in, is there a way to hack and control phones via bluetooth that have bluetooth "off"? and can one force pair? Whats the maximum distance to be kept betw ...more

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