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i'm Kirby T. Manrique, 21 years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at University of San Agustin, iloilo. I love playing video games, collecting video games, playing guitar , singing with my friends, enjoy with drawing, painting and sketching. enjoy watching PILIPINAS got TALENT , MMK and LOL. I am engaged to Mary Ivory Pandongan and we enjoy and love our relationship as partner. I am a beginner as an entrepreneur and striving hard to gain money as much as possible each day. (^.^)/

  • Location: Iloilo City, Philippines

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Forum Thread : Is temperature a BIG deal ?

A good beer is served in a sub-zero temperature. Does it matters in making cocktails when it comes with the temperature of the ingredients? Is all cocktails served in sub-zero temperature? in normal temperature or it should be warmed first before it will be served?

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