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Forum Thread : Relax After a Stressful Day

Yoga for a stressful day is here to help relieve stress after one of those hard days. We will move through gentle stretches that can help calm the body and mind, while learning basic breathing techniques. Take this 20 minutes for you. Video: .

Forum Thread : Yoga for Men

Yoga for men is specifically designed for men that want to do yoga, but don't want to leave the comfort of their own home. There aren't a lot of yoga videos for men online and I wanted to make some available. I know a lot of men that don't want to go into a yoga studio for man ...more

Forum Thread : Challenge Your Core

This 15 min core strength video is a great supplement to workouts or another yoga practice. Tone and find stability in your body. Follow your breath and feel the mind body connection as you move through these exercises. Hope you enjoy :) Video: .

Forum Thread : How to Do Warrior 3 Yoga Pose

Learn Warrior 3! This is a standing yoga posture that works balance, strength, and flexibility. Take your time with this one, it takes practice and consistency.Hop onto your mat and follow along. Try it out in your body and make adjustments where you need to. Video: .

Forum Thread : How to Do Downward Dog in Yoga

If you wonder how to do downward facing dog, this quick video will explain the proper anatomy to help build your own version of the pose. This is beginner friendly, but also informative for someone that has been practicing yoga for a while. Empower yourself and know your own b ...more

Forum Thread : How to Do Childs Pose in Yoga

Learn the basic postures in yoga which includes child's pose with Kendra Kulak. Child's pose is used as a rest pose, but can also be challenging if your knees hurt or if your tight in your hips and back. Subscribe to my youtube channel and find out tips and tricks to help next ...more

Forum Thread : How to Do Baby Cobra Yoga Pose

Baby cobra pose is used in a lot of different yoga classes that you go to. This is why it's important to understand the foundations of how to do this yoga posture. Get empowered by building knowledge to know your body better in different postures, so then you can do them safel ...more

Forum Thread : How to Build Strong Legs with Yoga

Learn to build lean muscle with your own body weight during this 20 minute yoga class. Add this routine to your leg day after the gym to get the strong legs you've been wanting. Stay fit and healthy with yoga teacher, Kendra Kulak. Video: .

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