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Forum Thread : USB "Backup Drive"

By using a USB Rubber ducky and a 64GB USB drive in a USB hub I want to make a kind of automatic device for backing up documents. So when putting it in my laptop for example it should automatically backup my documents folder. However the 64GB USB drive appears in the "computer ...more

Forum Thread : Question Regarding Remembered Passwords

So if you would for example want to find out someone's login credentials, and this could be any website(Facebook, Gmail, whatever you want it to be), then it would be an option to just run a keylogger from for example a metasploit meterpreter session. However in practice many ...more

Forum Thread : Man in the middle attack on printer?

Currently I am learning about MitM and how to use it. Therefore I am doing some arp spoofing (just like in OTW's tutorial about a simple man in the middle attack) and I am using Wireshark to analyse the packages. This all worked fine so I decided I wanted to try to get myself ...more

Forum Thread : Android Usb Connection with Computer

Normally when you plugin your phone with usb this means that you can see the files that are on your phone from your computer. Is it possible to turn this around which would make it possible to read files from a computer on your phone when connected via usb and if so, how?

Forum Thread : Metasploit Exploitation Question

I tried doing a metasploit exploitation using a payload created with veil-evasion. This payload worked with other computers in my own network and with the computer of a friend of mine. Nevertheless it didn't work when I tested it with computer science with permission of the te ...more

Forum Thread : Question about Mitm attack

I am trying to do a mitm attack on my own network. I am using Kali linux 2.0 in vmware on a laptop. I used arpspoof -i eth0 -t (VictimIP) (RouterIP) and it started running. However when I tried to browse on the victim machine internet didn't work anymore. This made me draw the ...more

Forum Thread : Hardware Keyloggers?

I came across a network in which all laptops were connected to docking stations. Would it be possible to use hardware keyloggers or something like that to hack a laptop that is connected to such a docking station?

Forum Thread : Wifi Password Hacking

I already succeeded in bruteforcing WPA but now I came across a wifi network that asked me to put in a username and a password. Is there anyone who can get me on the right track for hacking this?

Forum Thread : Metasploit Exploit Network

I am trying to exploit a computer on my school network for computersciences. The payload I created with Veil-Evasion worked with a friend of mine who was on another network. However on the schoolnetwork it didn't work. We believed this might have something to do with a server ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit Exploitation

I am using metasploit now with some succes. I created a payload with Veil-Evasion which doesn't get discovered by my AV and it works fine. I tested it with some computers in my own network and with a friend of mine it still worked when I used my public IP instead. However I wa ...more

Forum Thread : How to Crypt or Bypass Av with Darkcomet Stub?

I recently started experimenting with Darkcomet rat and some of it's features really appealed to me. Nevertheless I do not succeed in getting the stub or payload created with Darkcomet past the AV of my other computer. Is there anyone who could help me with this problem?

Forum Thread : Metasploit Killing Anti-Virus

I got into a meterpreter session with my other computer. I wanted to create a persistence backdoor but it won't let me do it because of the AV. I therefore ran killav.rb but still the AV notices the backdoor that I'm trying to create. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Forum Thread : Metasploit and IP's/Port Forwarding

I forwarded my port to be able to start a metasploit meterpreter session with a computer at a friend's house. I checked this with a site and it confirmed that my port was forwarded. When I type my IP and port in the URL it automatically starts a download but nothing else happe ...more

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