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Forum Thread : Merry X-Mas!

I woke up way to "Dull" byte this morning, Reached my glasses, because I could not C#.(see sharp) And, Just realized it is Christmas! ["hip","hip"] (Hip Hip array!) Merry Christmas And happy new year!

Forum Thread : Fix Initramfs Problem

Sup, Hackers! Today I launched my Kali Linux, and there was some errors, the Errors were like this : It says that /dev/sda1 has some errors, so I need to run fsck manually. Well, I encountered this problem today, so I was like : why not upload this "how-to solve" problem in Nu ...more

Forum Thread : Fix Meterpreter Problem

Hi, lots of people including me had a problem in the meterpreter. Just Like this : Here, I will show you how I solved this problem. Step 1: Updating & Upgrading I tried updating the metasploit framework, and it was the first key to solving. I did : msfupdate then it said i ...more

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