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I was born in San Fernando and attend the University of Southern California for Music and Film

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Forum Thread : Great Coaches

It seems that the days of the great motivators are behind us. In the wake of Phil Jackson's 11th championship victory, I wanted to pose the question. Are there any coaches in today's professional or college era that truly represent greatness and set the example for other coach ...more

Forum Thread : Football Coaches

A while back I was coaching a team that had a lot of talent but almost no heart. No matter how many times I had these kids hit each other, they would not get mad. I could not get the effort we needed out of them week in and week out, so we suffered a disappointing 500 season. ...more

Forum Thread : Avoiding Cliches

Unless in the script it says "Cliche." It is probably best to avoid them. According moviecliches.com, many cliches go unnoticed but to make some of these easy to do cliches more real life focused, might just be the thing that makes your film just that much better. Take a look. ...more

Movie Marketing : The Sneak Preview

According to Company Town, the upcoming Tom Cruise flick, "Knight and Day" is expected to have less than stellar numbers at the box office. In order to make sure that does not happen, FOX issued sneak previews before the opening weekend. According to the article, Sneak Preview ...more

Forum Thread : Seth Rogen, Superhero...YES!!!

Seth Rogen plays the spoiled son of a media mogul in this, spoiled kid turned Bruce Wayne film, The Green Hornet. The trailer was just recently released. Any opinions on how this one will turn out, or on the selection of Rogen as the lead? Take a look at the trailer.

Forum Thread : Fact in Fiction

Hey guys, I love putting real events and real stories into fiction so that I can write a really excellent story. Can anyone think of any great examples of events from real life that have been placed in fiction. Perhaps, events that you put in your fiction. one of things I wr ...more

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