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Forum Thread : DarkWeb

Hello guys ! yesterday i saw 4chan or onionchan that this is illegal actually and i decide to check it (ofc with tor) i saw lot of things that looks scary but i don't want to go so deep because i'll get caught so what's your opinion for those links,redirects and etc ?

Forum Thread : About LOIC

I have a question about this program "not legit tool" . Realistically is there chance Loic to work or just everything is a lie! As i know there's only malwares/backdoors in internet staff_

Forum Thread : Hello ! I Think My PC Is Infected!

Hello ! I Think My PC Is Infected with Keylogger or Something ! What I Have to do to Remove It ! Any Advice ? ! Thanks .. i just open Project Neptune the oldest version and put gmail and password to test it ! After 10 minutes i got message by gmail that some one trying to hack ...more

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