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Forum Thread : Encrypting a Payload

Hey everyone I recently created a payload (apk) with msfvenom and it worked which was great but i wanted to know would they be a way to change the icon and name of the apk and to make it undetectable by antivirus softwares?

Forum Thread : InstaBrute Errors (Help!!)

Hi Everyone im a noob and i have been trying to use instabrute but i get the following errors Using 1 seconds of delay Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 142, in <module> main() File "", line 132, in main driver = webdriver.Firefox(prof ...more

Forum Thread : Would I Get Caught?

Hey everyone I was recently doing some nmap scans and checking if they were any exploits on a website's server with armitage. After some time I tried going to the website with my browser it then said unauthorized access,it said my ip has been blocked inside the firewall.The b ...more

Forum Thread : Veil-Evasion Lan or Wan?

HELLO everyone so i wanted to know i recently got veil evasion and i want to use it to create undetectable payloads but i have a question if i generate it and it says use 1.msfvenom or 2.custom shellcode if i take the 1st one will it only work on lan pc's or will it work for ...more

Forum Thread : How to Get Metasploit on IOS 10?

Hey there everyone. I wanted to know if there is a way to get metasploit,setoolkit,etc on ios 10.2 i jailbroke my iphone recently and i heard you can get pentesting tools form cydia i just dont know how. Thx In Advance.

Forum Thread : Best Coding Language?

Hey All. I was wondering what's the best coding language to start with i'm currently learning HTML and JavaScript. And I learned unix. I really don't want to become a Script Kiddie. (:^|) thanks

Forum Thread : DarkComet on Kali Linux 2016.2?

Hey My Name is Neo And I was Wondering If You Could Actually get Something Simular to Darkcomet on Kali Linux 2016.2 but instead of it only working on LAN computers it worked with other computers around the world?

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