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Forum Thread : Backdoor Crypter FUD

Does anyone know where i can buy a FUD good crypter that last FUD for 1 to 2 week i am looking to purchase one but everyone that i have purchased so isnt fud or it only last one to 2 days please if you know of a good place let me know asap thank you

Forum Thread : Vnc Client for Ubuntu??

Hi I have recently bought a window vps that needs a vnc client in order to login into and I have been have the hardest time finding a good vnc client for Ubuntu I have tried remmina, but I have absolutely no control over the mouse its like an extend mouse and it is very hard t ...more

Forum Thread : Veracrypt on a Dual Boot

hi I am having a really hard time finding a tutorial or a guide explaining how to encrypt my drives on dual boot I will be using window 10 and arch Linux but I don't know if I need to encrypt windows first and than after encrypt Linux??? or do I have encrypt windows and than ...more

Forum Thread : kaiten.c ????

I put kaiten.c on my home router as a a test and it ran fine and everything but like 20 mins later it timed out and the bot quit.... could this be cause of the routers firewall? and if so is it possible to cyrpt kaiten.c to make it undetectable and cross compile it??

Forum Thread : A Little C Help Please????

Hi The below code is a c bot that connect to an irc channel however the irc server is password protected, I am exceptionally ok at python , but when I come to C I have a little bit of trouble I just need to no where I have to change the code in order for the bot to connect to ...more

Forum Thread : Mips Cross Compiler for Linux???

Hi, I have been all over google looking for a good tutorial or a guide explaining how to build a mip cross compiler so I can cross compile a C program and use it on mips, this is for( ok, I always get this mixed up) I think mips is little endian and mispel is big endian, but ...more

Forum Thread : Home Router Command Line??

OK, so I understand that router are linux embedded devices, but the commands are different cause they use mips, mipsel, arm, etc.....and I have been on google trying to research if I could learn the command line for theses different types of routers....I guess more specifical ...more

Forum Thread : Custom Shells??

when writing custom shells say like in python is there still a need to port forward when using these shells over the WAN or is there a way around this like say using no-ip??

Forum Thread : Rooting Routers

does anyone one no how to root a router a home router that runs busybox with read only privileges?? how do I go from read only to root?? i no you would have to get root exploit on there, but I don't understand how? i mean wget but than i would have to compile it which seems li ...more

Forum Thread : From Compromised Router to Computer

Hi the title kind of explains my question? I don't really understand and I haven't been able to find good info if any at all on google about from going to a compromise home router to compormising all systems on the network.....what are the steps in making this possible? I know ...more

Forum Thread : Keylogger?

If I write a keylogger in python and it is meant to run on a windows computer will it still run on a imac computer....I am stuck between almost being positive that it won't but I am not sure....and if not what modules will I need to make it run on a mac computer??? thank you

Forum Thread : Virtual Box Question???

Does anyone know of a webpage where I can get a free virtual machine image of an Imac computer??? I know that modern.ie gives you a free virtual machines of windows (all windows)....But I don't know where I can get an image of a Imac virtual machine....any help is appreciated ...more

Forum Thread : C Programming Help

hi, I have been reading tutorials on programming in C most of the website I have found have been from google (tutorialspoint.com) and some other however I'm so confused on everything I am reading about everything so far I mean I understand a few things....I guess my question i ...more

Forum Thread : Wordpress Plugin Hacking???

can someone clear this up for me I don't understand when I scan my site with wpscan and it say a certain plugin is vulnerable I dunno say for example woocommerce - v2.3.13 how would you use this vulnerability if you don't actually have access to to it say for example http://si ...more

Forum Thread : Botnet Tutorials

is there anyone out there that can direct me in some really good tutorials on coding botnets in c++ i am learning to code in c++ and i want to learn how to code a botnet for learn purposes i know of the san intitute build your own botnet but what i dont understand is all the c ...more

Forum Thread : Hashcat Help Please

ok so i have 3 hashes here let me show you $P$Brl/kCcFav3Qc07nQcrOkMBwI3QG4k1 $P$B6Fzblw/uq3gIS6hQ.ymn1qxCmmbHn/ $P$B32lixL4Rr5/hovSOczIabkKfJYu1X0 all are wordpress/joomla at least i think/kind of sure..... i tried to run them though hashcat with the following command hashca ...more

Forum Thread : Setting Up Zeus Botnet

OK so I have the source code to setup up the Zeus Botnet, but when setting up the C & C server I think its missing php-mbstring which I have no idea how to code a php-mbstring, from what I have read and please correct me if I am wrong the php-mbstring, but I think it is for wh ...more

Forum Thread : Setting Up RATS

when setting up a rat to hack over the internet so WAN is it still necessary to port forward if the victim downloads a client that is sent to them..I was always under the impression that if a client to them and they download it portforwarding isn't necessary... Question # 2 i ...more

Forum Thread : Linksys n300 for Linux

hi how it going everyone I just bought a linksys n300 AE1200 wireless network adapter but I am having a very difficult time installing it on kali linux please if you have any suggestions please help thank you

Forum Thread : Identifying Hashes..

can someone please direct me in a good place to identify hashes beside hash-identifier that comes with kali linux I have been coming across a couple of hashes that I can't identify examples: yWQkrXllVmb7xKcWvXBOAZsU0mu5NQzJlvJjbEklsYo= ftzO7ZQYQBXvJZVDDU0wUMsRLD1xTzvqz7PaQzY/ ...more

Forum Thread : Php Shell Root.....

when uploading a php shell to a website to gain root access do I first need to set my shell up on a free web hosting page before I can upload the file to a website??? does this make sense??? sorry still trying to figure it out my self

Forum Thread : Hashcat Trouble....

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong I have been messing with this for a little bit now and for some reason I can't figure it out hash-identifier say its a MySQL 160bit - SHA-1(SHA-1($pass))....the hash has a star in it and without the star it says SHA-1MySQL5 - SH ...more

Forum Thread : Vpn and Metasploit

ok, so I finally purchased a vpn with torguard.com and set it up on my kali linux. Eveything works great!!! By the way (student2014) give you 30% off for a quarterly vpn I paid $12.99 and the original price was $20.00 plus I have a month free of 200 + proxies....anyways back t ...more

Forum Thread : Code:Blocks for Kali Linux

I just spent the las couple of hours trying to install codeblocks IDE for kali linux 2.0 when I didn't know was how much trouble it would be anyway for those of you who are wondering the same thing heres a link I know its in spanish but all you have to do is add the repositori ...more

Forum Thread : Program Help Please....

ok so im trying to run the simple hello world! In kali linux, but when I try to open it, it say that the program is a directory heres a few picture so i can know what i am doing wrong...... Theres the file so you can see it on my desktop a.out now this is the file thats insid ...more

Forum Thread : Ok Can Someone Help Me Set Up LHOST

ok im using my phones hotspot for internet i connect my laptop to my hotspot and i when i try to use metaploit i keep getting an exploit was complete but no session so it has to be the way i have my lhost set up and its fustrating as hell cause i have very vulnerable victims b ...more

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