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Forum Thread : Updated Ophcrack Article

My first article on Wonderhowto was a post on using Ophcrack to break into Windows PC's, I've now written an updated version of that article here on helium. I will still be writing on Wonderhowto but I've decided to try writing all over to see which is the best for me. The new ...more

Forum Thread : How Did You Start?

Im looking to start with Steampunk, I've done some very small projects and I couldn't think of something realistic for me, so I wondered what were all of your first real projects? Any suggestions on something simple I could make? Thanks

Forum Thread : Hello

I've always been interested in the idea of Steampunk and have liked seeing the creations of other Steampunks but have never really created anything myself. I hope this world will be a place where I can learn to start and if I do feel I get good enough to help others I will sta ...more

Forum Thread : Favourites

I'm not a brilliant artist and I know that, I just wondered what you think of this cartoon of mine and which of these was your favourite and the least creepy. Thanks

Forum Thread : The WonderHowTo Redesign

Is it just me that thinks as well as some adding some good things they've removed a lot of the best bits of the site, I mean there are some quite big improvements, I quite like the new layout but so far I've had quite a few problems with the editor and while it's not vital I l ...more

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