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Forum Thread : Black Ops 3 Camo / Emblem Tutorials

I'll be teaching you how to make some amazing Call of Duty BO3 emblem and camo tutorials with the new paint shop feature. We have a full list of over 3000 tutorials on CODPlayerCards.com 1. Treyarch Camo LINK: Treyarch Camo Tutorial 2. Harley Quinn (Batman) (Suicide Squad) ...more

How to Make Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Emblems

Over 1000+ tutorials explaining how to make awesome Call of Duty emblems. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Emblem Tutorials Here are a couple tutorials found on CODPlayerCards.com, which will show you how to make amazing Advanced Warfare emblems for your soldier. Again, the sit ...more

500+ Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorials

CODPlayerCards has collected over 500 CoD Black Ops 2 emblems in their database. We have organized almost every emblem that has been uploaded on to YouTube in categories with an image of the final result. Learn how to make all your favorite sport team logos, superheros, pokemo ...more

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