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Forum Thread : Enumeration, Help Me Please.

I am conducting a simple exercise against a server and a client (both outside my network, and both are remote). The server is a node.js app with a code like this: pastebin.com/zVqQ5f13 The client can be written in any language, as long as it is passing JSON objects. What I ...more

Forum Thread : After Recon?

I did my recon (as suggested by most users around here, I just knew why it is really needed now) on a remote server, it is running a linux server with open ports (ssh, 80, etc), there are also ports that are opened by a node.js app, the node.js code looks like this: pastebin.c ...more

Forum Thread : Where to Start?

What I want? I wanna install a backdoor/rootkit on a remote server. What do I have right now: this remote server has open ports, I will explain what service is running under this server: -> It is a node.js application, using a simple code like this: gist.github.com/tedmist ...more

Forum Thread : How to Use mitm_relay?

How to use this repo? github.com/jrmdev/mitm_relay I don't know what it meant by a "relay" and as I was reading the code, all I know is that it did this and do do some interception on the following statements, I really don't understand it, I really need to know

Forum Thread : What Type of Attack Should I Use?

Hello, So I'm planning to start ethical hacking by myself. For my first project this is what I want to do: So I wanna do something to an Ubuntu server of mine. It accepts some json POST request (by one of the applications I made) so what I want to do is intercept that json ob ...more

Forum Thread : How Crackers Are Caught?

Hi, let's talk about facts, I know there are tons of ways to catch a hacker but what about a virus 'creator' / 'author', is it possible for them to get caught? and I wanna clarify if it is really possible that you can upload a virus if anyone just simply visits your site, we ...more

Forum Thread : Parrot Os Installation in Virtual Box

Hi, guys I downloaded oracle virtual box, parrot security 3.9 and run them both and I encountered some problems on the process If you can see above it says NO DISK DRIVE WAS DETECTED, may I ask why? Based on other tutorials this should not happen. is there anything I could do? ...more

Forum Thread : What Type of Virus?

hello guys, before I do something that most of you won't like - maybe - I would like you to know that I'm new here and about me, I just learned hacking just almost a week right now and I have a goal and I had an Idea that I wanna share to all of you. But first, is grey hat Il ...more

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