About Jennifer Alpeche

I originally thought my major in college would be economics. Through my first two years, in fact, that was fully my intent; until one day, it just all changed and I realized I'd be much happier writing. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English, a minor in creative writing, and have continued to write in some form ever since. Like my light-bulb moment in college, though, I had another after my first real job, which happened to be in the tech sector at a web directory. I've since worked as a search editor/analyst my entire career, helping to improve relevancy, accuracy, and freshness, and stamping out clutter on the web. My English degree has served me well in ensuring this quality. I've worked for Yahoo and Bing and startups like SearchMe, which had endeavored a new spin on search: visual search. I was a contributor for years at About.com (long before it became Dotdash), and today I have the fortune to help build content at WonderHowTo. I think it's all turned out pretty awesome so far, my career path, and I can't wait to see what's next.

  • Location: California
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