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Forum Thread : ALFA Wireless Questions

Hello fellow members of Nullbyte, I have a couple of questions about ALFA and their wifi dongles that I would like to ask. First off, I originally purchased the AWUS036H + the 9dbi Antenna. Recently, my sister decided to go into my room and leave my door open which led to my d ...more

Forum Thread : WINDOWS 10 Kali Live HELP

So recently I downloaded the Windows 10 edition of Windows (Windows 7 and 8 users are offered a free upgrade by Microsoft blablabla.) I wanted to study this new OS on a spare laptop I had at home. Long story short, I booted Kali Live from an Old Kali Live USB i had laying arou ...more

Forum Thread : Wifi Deauth Question

So lets go with this scenario. You are in your school which is very new with most of the technology it owns. Your teacher's lesson for today happens to be saved on her google drive, which of course she needs internet access and a computer for. She pulls out her laptop and sta ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Log in Screen Help?

I was trying to download PHP5-cgi and failed each time. I eventually gave up and shut off my machine to go get some rest. When I turned it on later I was shocked by this (see picture below) and I do not know what to do or what this is even called. Please help me as I am a lear ...more

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