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Forum Thread : What Is the Latest Null Byte News?

It's been 6 months since I have checked in the site and a lot has already changed. While I like the sleek new design, it seems more suitable for a mobile device than a desktop. I've also heard WHT secured a new security author, which is nice. Have any veterans returned? Any n ...more

Forum Thread : Quick Poll

Which of the following should I focus on? A 5-6 part series teaching IT hardware fundamentals A 5-6 part series teaching Python libraries Resuming my series on Banks Creating and Managing databases using SQL I've been hitting a brick wall with my current project (Breaking th ...more

Forum Thread : Until WHT Hires a New Admin.

A few things. Please stop complaining about how the 'community is dead'. There are a few things you can do if you really want to keep this place alive until they find a replacement: Share news articles and hold interesting discussions, but make sure to properly cite sources ...more

Forum Thread : How to Destroy Kali

This is pretty much a troll post. I was playing around in Kali light and decided to have some fun with the rm command. Obviously you should NEVER do this, but the command is rm -r with the star operator. After 20 seconds, my VM has become lifeless. A great prank if you have a ...more

Forum Thread : Decisions, Decisions.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the recent incident that has happened regarding OTW and his leave of Null Byte. Many users have voiced that they are going to leave the community, and OTW already scoffed on twitter that NB is now dead. 12 hours ago OTW posted on twitter tha ...more

Forum Thread : Breaking the Bank

Heyyy mates. I've been really procrastinating lately, like..major procrastination. Getting to the point, I could use some help finishing Article 1 of a series that I briefly mentioned last December. Message me and I'll show you the article and you could maybe provide me with ...more

Forum Thread : White Hat Ethics

Greetings security enthusiasts, for the longest time I have been pondering what I could write about. While most of you know how to act, some of the newcomers could use a few pointers. First off, Null Byte is a white hat environment. We bring up security issues, discussing pur ...more

Forum Thread : Hydra Custom Pw List

As the title suggests, I'm going to make a custom pw list for Hydra (which I am just now learning..about time) I have the following Python script below as a test for having 4 letter passwords (Just a quick proof of concept) #Import libraries import random import string #Ini ...more

Forum Thread : Best CCIE Resources?

In a month I'll be competing in a cybersecurity event for FBLA's yearly state conference, and a majority of the study material they posted comes from the CCIE or Security+. I'm going to be making flash cards and such, but having an actual study guide would be nice.

Forum Thread : 25/1/2016 Updates

Greeting my fellow security enthusiasts! It was just a few weeks ago when I announced my plans for a new series (due to the request of numerous script kiddies), but there are just so many things to write about and so little time to actually work on these tutorials. Breaking t ...more

Forum Thread : Active White-Hat Forums?

I've been digging around and found dozens of forums related to pentesting, hacking, etc but a majority of them are inactive, have few posts, or the last post was like 2 years ago. I haven't checked the onion yet, but I figure there must be some more forums on there that are a ...more

Forum Thread : [2016] Let's Get It Over With.

The only thing I have to my name is a really short tut on hacking wordpress which is more like a methodology since I really provide no actual hacking commands or tools to use. I'm going to try to produce some quality posts this year and have a few ideas in mind: Tales from t ...more

Forum Thread : Negativity on the Forums

I made this same post like 5 months ago, but it is still pretty relevant. While there are some bad posts on the forum, I see a majority of posts being downvoted or given negative kudos. Seeing as how all the recent ones are "-1" with 0 comments, it looks like someone just scr ...more

Forum Thread : A small thing I noticed

I can type in "Python" and find like half a dozen beginner tutorials about how to print and assign variables, but little beyond the beginner lessons. Would it be useful if I wanted to add on to these existing tutorials or should I do something else?

Forum Thread : For Any of You Apple Users Out There

Once again, Phishing takes the main stage of cybersecurity. What are your thoughts on this newest scam? CyberheistNews Vol #5 #52 Scam Of The Week: Apple ID Suspension Phish With A Twist. CyberheistNews Vol #5 #52 Scam Of The Week: Apple ID Suspension Phish With A Twist

Forum Thread : Can a Proxy Be a Honeypot?

After a year of lurking I finally bought a class on Kali Linux and started learning the CLI and the basics of pentesting, and I found out about proxychains and how you can connect to supposedly anonymous web servers. Could one of these free servers be a honeypot by the govern ...more

Forum Thread : New Kali Linux

Ok ok I wasn't concise, but Kali Linux (2.0?) came out and I was wondering if everything is the same with it (besides the looks.) I've been digging around in it since I bought a course on pentesting, so hopefully nothing too severe has changed.

Forum Thread : Ayyyyyy I'm Back

Greetings greenhorn hackers, I am Jack Sea, aka the guy who's really done nothing here but make a semi-decent wordpress hack discussion and maybe make a few good replies regarding cybersecurity. I've seen a few amazing posts when I've checked in periodically and hope that one ...more

Forum Thread : WordPress Hackage [2]

Since my chromebook apparently cannot post replies, I'm making a new thread to talk about wordpress hacking (not in depth tutorial, just the basic steps) Obviously the first task is to locate your site. For example, let's say www.jacksnotwordpress.com Some high quality busin ...more

Forum Thread : What's with the Negative Kudos Spree?

A majority of posts I see on here usually had positive kudos, but recently a ton of posts are being down voted, even ones that are useful or are just asking questions. Heck, someone's "introduction" was downvoted...such a warm welcome. I know a few were downvoted for a legit ...more

Forum Thread : Best Way to Deal with Script Kiddies?

Since most of them are under the age of 18 and live in the US (well, the ones I deal with at least) I doubt any real authorities would bother with them. The most effective method I can think of is finding their information and emailing their parents or a local official. What ...more

Forum Thread : Pretty Amusing Phishing Story

You know how college students are always in debt right? Well one decided that they wanted to get through college with free tuition. This person (not naming gender or any other identifiers) looked up the basics of phishing and managed to send fake emails to fellow students, te ...more

Forum Thread : Adware Attack ;-;

This isn't some "help me im hacked!!!" post, but just a general note about the ever so growing adware problem. For so long I have ignored ad blockers, anti-spyware programs, and other useful software simply because I never had adware. Until today..logging in I discover page a ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking with Windows (Hypothetical)

I saw a recent post asking how to hack with windows, to which (no surprise) people instead recommended using kali. I'll admit, Windows is not the optical hacking system, mainly because it was not even designed for that. However, in my current position irl, I cannot exactly shr ...more

Forum Thread : Best Linux Video Tutorials?

This forum has a lot of useful guides on Linux basics, but I am terrible at learning just by reading. I need to see or actually do something in order to learn it. I tried looking around youtube but a majority of ones I found are either incomplete or focused on specific hack to ...more

Forum Thread : Computer Science Puns

Sorry for any interruption, but I've been working on puns pertaining to "buffer overflow(s)" but it's almost as though my memory was wiped because I am unable to think of any. Post any security puns below so I can use them in IT class tomorrow.

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