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Forum Thread : Hard Drive Encryption

Hello Null Byte Community, I would first like to start off by saying I am very sad to hear that Master OTW has had to leave us and that I would love to hear if he has been hanging around another forum to keep gaining his wisdom. Now back to Hard Drive Encryption I like I'm su ...more

Forum Thread : Choosing a Graphics Card

Hey so I'm planning on building a computer to allocate to a nice virtual lab and to play around with hacking some. I'm planning on building a $1000-$1200 set up with 16 gb ram an i7 4 ghz or greater processor something along those lines. The one thing I don't know about is the ...more

Forum Thread : Password Encryption

Hey so I've always had an issue with the website that could never save my password correctly. I eventually came to the conclusion that when my computer was saving the password it might be grabbing the password after it had already been encrypted copy of it. So my question is a ...more

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